How to improve a lawn

Here are eight easy steps to help you build a healthy turf.
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Take These Steps to Create a Healthy Turf

Step 1: Remove Thatch 

The first step to lawn restoration is to remove any thatch buildup. Lawn thatch consists of un-decomposed stems and roots that accumulate near the soil surface.

Step 2: Level Out Lawn

Creating a nicely contoured or flat lawn can be done by smoothing out any slight depressions by topdressing with a combination of topsoil and compost.

Step 3: Adjust PH Level

Know what your soil's PH level is before you start applying any soil amendments. If it has a low pH then you will need to add some lime according to the test results.

Step 4: Add Nutrients

Apply a slow-release fertilizer, and avoid applying more fertilizer than your lawn actually needs. Applying too much nitrogen can cause rapid growth and a thinning of plant cell walls, which makes grass more susceptible to disease.

Step 5: add Microbes

Just applying fertilizer will not help if your soil does not contain an adequate microbes; you need billions of these microscopic organisms per handful of soil. Your soil must contain 2- to 5-percent organic material to have a thriving microbe population.

Step 6: Aerate Lawn

Aeration allows the grass roots to penetrate the soil deeply, helps fertilizer and organic matter get to the roots, allows oxygen to reach the roots, and makes it easier for water to soak into the soil.

Step 7: Overseed

Choose grass seed that is best for the area that you live and buy the amount you need to cover the size of your entire lawn. There are several options to use when seeding, such as using your own hands, using a hand-held and walk-behind spreaders, or using a slit-seeder,

Step 8: Nurture  Grass

Your work to this point will be in vain if you do not care for the young grass plants as the seeds germinate and begin to grow. The most critical need is to apply water at least twice a day, assuming no rain. If the soil dries out, the seedlings will not germinate or will soon wither and die.

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