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soil aeration service

It's another important step in building and improving your lawn year-after-year.

lawn aeration service

In order to keep your lawn healthy and green, it's important that you aerate the soil every year or two. This will help relieve compaction which in turn supports better growth of grasses throughout the growing season. Aerating can be done to any size lawn - most people are only aware they need to do this once per decade! There are many benefits from getting your lawn aerated.

Compacted soils and soils with poor drainage accumulate thatch faster than well-drained soils. Aerification promotes better moisture and air penetration into compacted soils. It helps establish a deeper and healthier root system and also stimulates the microbial activity involved in decomposing the thatch layer.

Why lawn aeration helps

The first step to a beautiful lawn is by getting rid of compacted soil. This can be done through aeration, which creates holes down into the ground so that water and nutrients flow easily throughout your turf roots. Aerating becomes even more important because a deep root system is a key for success!

When grasses are deprived of their basic needs, they struggle in stressful situations like heat and low rainfall. The lack or oxygen causes the thinning out process which eventually leads to death because there's no water available just inches away from where these plants grow on our lawns! A single aeration session can open up avenues for those essentials needed by compacted soil - allowing it to provide nutrients so your beautiful lawn can be back to being healthy again.

Like we said, our JLC Turf Plan is a Complete Turf Care Program.

Brainerd lawn aerating service

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