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You can place your full confidence in our snow removal service, which stands out for its efficiency and professionalism, ensuring your driveways are clear and safe throughout the winter season.

Snow Removal Services - snow tractors

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Are you tired of snow plows driving over your lawn and causing damage? Do the massive snow banks along your driveway obstruct your view and pose a safety hazard? Don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you! Our services offer a cost-effective and efficient snow removal solution that not only solves these problems but also saves you from the hassle of repairing damage in the spring. It's never too late to benefit from our expertise! Give us a call now at 218-454-0604 or request a free quote to experience the difference. Say goodbye to snow plow troubles!

* At this time we only service accounts in Baxter, North Town area of Brainerd and along East Gull Lake Drive. Check back with us every year as our routes are growing.

residential Snow blowing Service

Transform your driveway snow removal experience with our cutting-edge snow blowers. Our state-of-the-art snow tractor, combined with our exceptional inverted snow blower, ensures highly efficient and thorough snow removal. Say farewell to expensive snow plows and welcome cost-effective solutions! Connect with us at 218-454-0604 to discover unparalleled snow removal service in the stunning Brainerd Lakes Area.

Snow Blowing Benefits

Why wake up an hour or more before work just to struggle with your snowblower? Dealing with snowy clothes, freezing temperatures, and clearing the driveway can be a major hassle. And even after that, you still have to get ready for work, only to find the city snow plow has blocked off the end of your driveway. But wait, there's more! When you come back home, you'll have to battle with the snowblower once again to clear the end of the driveway once more. Wouldn't it have been better to spend that time preparing for work, enjoying quality moments with your family and kids, or simply getting some extra sleep? With our dependable snow blowers, you can have peace of mind knowing that the task will be completed, even if you leave before the tractor finishes its work. Rest assured, your driveway will be cleared by the time you return home.

Best Snow Removal System in Brainerd Lakes AreaBest Snow Removal System in Brainerd Lakes Area

Best Snow Removal Service

Our exceptional residential snow blowing services utilize a tractor equipped with an inverted snowblower. When it comes to snow removal, no other service compares to our expertise and efficiency.

As a valued customer of our snow removal service, you can rely on us to promptly clear your driveway and walkways (upon request) after every official snowfall of 2 inches or more. Rest assured, there's no need to contact us as we'll take care of it automatically. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we'll handle the task efficiently and hassle-free.

Snow Areas We Service

We currently service three snow routes: the city limits of Baxter, the North Town area of Brainerd, and East Gull Lake Drive. We continuously expand our routes each year. If your location is not included in these areas, please remember to check back with us next year. Kindly note that our tractors are not equipped for dirt driveways.

Snow Removal Service Plans, (November 1 - April 15)

We offer two snow plan options; a Per Visit Plan or a Seasonal Plan.

Per Visit Plan
With our Per-Visit Plan you pay only for the times that it snows 2 inches or more. Get a FREE Estimate!

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