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turf program

Our turf program is designed with precision and care, consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations. By focusing on turf health and maintenance specifics, we deliver results that demonstrate our approach's effectiveness and reliability. This commitment to excellence sets our program apart, providing tangible outcomes our customers can see and enjoy.

Lawn Fertilizing and Weed Control Programs

We're not just someone that shows up, throws down a little fertilizer and leaves as quickly as possible. Growing a beautiful and healthy lawn consists of a number of concerns, such as; is the lawn being mowed correctly, is enough water being applied to the lawn, is it being watered frequently enough, is the lawn getting the right amount of nutrients, is it getting the correct type of nutrients, is it getting the right amount of nutrients at the right times of the year, does the lawn have any diseases, are the sprinklers set correctly and are they all working.

Our turf care plans take all of this into consideration when we are on your property. When you become a client of ours you have access to all of our services, professional products, lawn care knowledge, advice, expertise, and lawn care contacts in the Brainerd Lakes Area,  We will perform, recommend and suggest what needs to be done to your lawn in order to make it the best lawn possible.

Weed & Feed Turf Program

Our weed & feed turf program feeds the lawn and controls the weeds to give you a beautiful lawn.

  • We perform 5 applications per season.
  • We inspect the condition of you lawn for issues every visit.
  • We inspect your lawn for correct mowing practices every visit.
  • We inspect your lawn for correct watering practices every visit.
  • We communicate with customers to make sure they know what is actively happening with their lawn.
  • We report to the customer what was done on every application.
  • We are Licensed Applicators.
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Managed Turf Care Program

Our Managed Turf Care program is a premium turf care program for customers that want to try and achieve a "Showcase" lawn.

  • Contact us for complete details.
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Growing a healthy thick lawn depends on many management factors, the main one being that it gets sufficient plant nutrients. There are a minimum of 17 essential elements required for maintaining a healthy lawn. The remaining elements are derived from your soil.

Gull Lake lawn fertilizing
Gull Lake lawn fertilizing
Lawn fertilizer brainerd lakes area

We can help you make sure that your lawn is getting the right amount of lawn nutrients to keep it looking great throughout the entire growing season. You will save money and heartache by letting our lawn care expertise create a lawn for you that you will be very proud of.

Jared's Lawn Care is your expert turf care professional in the Brainerd Lakes Area. We provide lawn care service in the communities of Baxter, Brainerd, Nisswa, East Gull Lake, Lakeshore, and Merrifield.

Weed control gull lakeGull Lake lawn fertilizingLawn fertilizing and weed control JLC

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We are a fully licensed and insured business, serving customers in Brainerd, Baxter, Nisswa, East Gull Lake, Lakeshore, Pillager. and Merrifield.

University of Minnesota Extension offers free lawn fertilizing information
Lime treatment guarantee

our service guarantee

If you feel that we have failed to achieve the desired results from any of our applications please contact us. We will reapply the application at no extra cost or we will be happy to refund the entire cost of the last application.