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snowblowing faq

Discover the benefits of our exceptional snow blowing service, featuring powerful snow tractors designed to efficiently clear your driveways and pathways. Experience the ease and convenience of having a professional team handle your winter woes with our state-of-the-art equipment.

Snow Blowing Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do we cover?

We service residential driveways in the city limits of Baxter, the Northtown area in Brainerd and along East Gull Lake Drive.

What is the minimum snow fall that must be on the ground for us to take action?

We automatically get tires rolling after 2 inches of snow has fallen.

Is there a limit to the number of times you service a property each winter?

No. It doesn't matter if it snows 5 times or 50 times. We provide a Per Visit Plan or a Seasonal Plan.

Do you clean right up to my garage door?

We try to get as close as possible. This will vary with the skill of our operators. On average we stay about 1 foot away from garage doors and buildings. We also stay about 2 feet away from vehicles parked in driveways.

Do you offer snow shoveling services?

If requested we will provide shoveling service going from the driveway to the front door. This is an additional charge.

Do we mark your driveway?

Yes, we will mark the sides of your driveway with several snow stakes so that our tractor operators do not drive on your lawn. We will take down the stakes after the season is over. We will also add two narrow signs to the two snow stakes near the beginning of the driveway. This helps our operator quickly identify the correct driveway to clear.

What months do you provide snowblowing service?

Our normal service runs from November 1 to April 15. If it snows on April 15th to an accumulation of 2 inches or more we will be there! If it snows after April 15th we will provide service but all accounts will be billed on a per visit basis.

Will my driveway be cleared before 7 AM?

We would love to guarantee this but it's all too dependent on when it starts to snow therefore we cannot guarantee it. We constantly monitor the snow fall conditions and begin clearing when the snowfall starts to move out of the area. We can be there at any hour of the day or night. Obviously the later the snow stops the later we start.

When are seasonal contracts due?

All seasonal plans must be paid in full by November 1st to be on our list for this service. Please contact us for special circumstances.

What are our prices?

Contact us for a free estimate and we will customize a estimate to fit your driveway. Our prices are based on the square footage of your driveway.

What methods of payment do we accept.

Payment can be made by check or credit card.

Do you have a seasonal snowfall limit?

No, we do not have a snowfall limit. Our pricing is determined on the amount of snow that has fallen on your driveway.

Do we offer any customer discounts?

Refer a neighbor, friend or relative and if the person you've referred signs up for service each of you receive a $25 discount.

What if the city plows come by after you’ve already cleared my driveway?

Contact us and we will make a return visit, at no additional charge, to clear your driveway.

If I call during a snowstorm, will there be someone in the office to answer the phone?

Possibly, but sometimes our office manager is out helping the guys in the field with different duties. If he doesn't answer you may have to leave a message. We will return the call as soon as possible.

Are we insured?

Yes, we carry enough Liability Insurance to cover all aspects of our business.

How can we contact you?

On snow days we suggest calling us if there is a special need. But you may have to leave a message. On snow days, we are as busy as bees trying to clear snow for our customers throughout the multiple routes that we run. For a non-critical issue please contact us via our website.

Is there a problem if a car is parked on my driveway?

No, our drivers will clear as much snow as possible by avoiding the vehicle(s). If you expect to have a car on the driveway when we arrive we recommend that you make sure to place it as close to the top and side of the driveway as possible to allow the driver maximum accessibility, or to move it onto the street if possible. If not the driver will at least clear away behind where the car is parked including any snow banks left by the city plow.

Please note, for the sake of efficiency, that we do not ask our drivers to get out of their tractors and knock on your door to get you to move your vehicle(s).

My driveway is gravel. Can you still snow blow it?

No, we do not clear snow from gravel driveways.

Do your tractors make loud noise?

Our tractors and blowers make 1/10th the noise of a traditional walk-behind snow blower! Chances are you probably won’t even know that we are there!

Your equipment looks big! Will it damage my driveway or grass?

No. The tractor and blower will not crack your asphalt or concrete. Although it looks large the weight of the machine is evenly distributed over the extra-large surface area of its tires, so that there is actually more weight per square inch being applied to your asphalt by your own car than by our tractors! And, our drivers are trained to lower their blowers in a controlled manner so that unnecessary jolts to the asphalt by the blower are minimized during the snow blowing process. Furthermore, driveway markers are installed on the edges of your driveway to identify the boundaries of the driveway so that the drivers do not drive on your grass! Snow blowing with a tractor is one of the gentlest methods in the industry at the moment for clearing snow from your driveway!

What is your repair policy?

Our drivers are required to report any damages caused to your property. We will attempt to repair any damage after the snow event has expired. If it has to be repaired in the spring we will do so.

What has to be done to prepare my driveway for our services?

All summer items such as flower pots/planters, downspouts, recycling bins, garbage cans, basketball nets, children’s toys, and extension cords need to be removed or raised up so that our tractors do not come in contact with them. We are not responsible for damage to any of these items if they are left on the driveway.

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