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HOmeowner association services

We offer comprehensive turf services and reliable snowblowing services tailored specifically for homeowner associations located in Baxter and select areas of Brainerd, Minnesota. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your community's landscapes are well-maintained throughout the year, from lush, green lawns in the warmer months to clear, safe pathways during the winter season.

HOA lawn care Property Management

We provide lawncare for townhome associations in the Brainerd, Baxter, and Nisswa, Minnesota area. Our turf care services will keep the lawn for every unit in your association healthy and looking great the entire season.

Lawncare for HOA

We take pride in listening to the needs of the individuals on the board of the association and fullfilling those requests with our excellent lawn fertilizing and weed control services.

Snowblowing for HOA Properties

Our snow tractors provide the best snow removal service available in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Our snowblowing service gives townhomes a neat driveway. We are better than a snow plow and it saves you money!

Our large blowers and tractors are quiet and efficient at remove snow from your driveways. We can handle any amount of snow and we won't wreck your lawn like a plow will. This will save you money by not having to fix lawns in the spring.

We also provide shoveling service for your walkways. If needed, we can even set up service for less than 2 inch snow falls.

Snow removal for HOA

Liquid Deicing Service for HOA Properties

We make associations safe in the winter with our liquid deicing service. Don't take a chance at anyone in the association taking a slip or fall due to icy walkways and driveways. We use a liquid deicing product to treat surfaces before or after a snowfall. Our liquid deicer is safe for pets, people and the environment. It won't track into your home.

Deicing service for HOA

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We are a fully licensed and insured business, serving customers in the communities of Baxter, Brainerd, Nisswa, East Gull Lake, Lakeshore, and Merrifield.

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Lime treatment guarantee

our service guarantee

If you feel that we have failed to achieve the desired results from any of our applications please contact us. We will reapply the application at no extra cost or we will be happy to refund the entire cost of the last application.