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treat lawn diseases

Our comprehensive turf program is specifically designed to target and eliminate various lawn diseases, effectively restoring your lawn to its optimal health. Through a combination of advanced treatment strategies and high-quality products, we ensure that your grass receives the best care possible, bringing it back to a lush, vibrant state.

We treat lawn diseases & Fungus

There are grass diseases for about every environmental condition we have. Some develop in the winter under the snow while others only occur during the extreme heat of summer. Some grass diseases occur more in wet soils after application of high fertilizer levels while others are brought on by drought and low fertilization levels.

Lawn diseases occur when environmental conditions (weather, management, and/or site conditions) become favorable for the buildup of the pathogen populations and/or cause an increase in the susceptibility of the plant. When this happens, turf grass loss due to lawn diseases can occur. Below are some recommendations that can help limit the chances of your lawn getting a lawn disease or fungus.

Lawn Disease Management Tips

lawn disease

Use Fungicides

Applying fungicides to treat your lawn disease should be done along with all the practices listed above. Applying a preventive fungicide to a lawn with a history of disease should be done in early spring and repeat applications made every 3 -4 weeks. Fungicides alone are not a substitute for improved lawn practices.

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